"the Book" project

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" T h e  B O O K "  P R O J E C T
Poetry      The art album, issued in the framework of "The Book" project, comprises "Poetry. Graphics. Photoperformance" as three independent "stories" belonging to different arts & devoted to one theme "Earthly love - heavenly love".
     Their intuitive interweaving in a certain rhythm gives birth to a unique utterance about the world, self-awarence & the divine predestination of the man.
     By artistic means the historical & spiritual phenomenon of the origin of a written language is studied, representing itself in the form of books-folio.
     The reader is invited to become a spectator, a witness & a participant of the mythological attraction in which the word gives birth to the sense, the sense is embodied into the symbol, the symbol turns into the image, the image uplifts the sense, and the word regains the sense.
     The plot of this composition is associated with the Faust theme in the culture as well as with the Borhes library concept & appeals to the idea of eternal femininity & slipping away beauty that the poetry has never stopped talking about from Dante to German expressionists and Russian symbolists of the Silver Age.
     The participation of different young artists - theatre & cinema producers, actors, poets, operators, designers & architects - in this project is news in itself & an appeal to the aesthetic demand, attention & the active creativity of people at the edge of the third millenium.
     The methodology of the project goes back to the theory & practice of the New Processing (a term of Boris Jukhananov), which understands the artistic as a process developing in time, that means eternally alive & hence actual.
     The stages of the project are the album, the videotape & the exhibition. And in order to reveal the concept of the book's inner structure in full measure & to offer a key of its perception we have to turn back to the past.
     A few quotations from the scientific research on the origin of a written language will display the principle of the original visual strategy of this book, which first of all was an artistic discovery for the authors themselves.
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"the Book" project
C O N T E N T  t h e  B O O K
(only in Russian)
Fibrous idle drops...
Muscat of a red stone
Black dog-fox
My head was stuck on a picket...
Fire in my home boat...
I keep failing to understand